Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Paw and Giddyup

Well it's bin a few days since i have posted anything, the reason for that is that have bein moving and have not had any internet for last week or so.

I went out to spend the night in the motorhome i was busy all afternoon  putting away all the stuff that i had brought from the old house.i was getting ready for bed and it has been raining all day i like to sleep out their and hear the rain drops hitting the room it put you right to sleep.

while i was in the bathroom i looking around at everything and i notice that i had a crack in my sky light over my shower stall. water was coming in  and staining my roof in the bathroom. after that i didn't n sleep too good worrying about that leak. well this morning i got up had my coffee i can't forget that coffee. w3hle i was enjoying a hot cup of joe. i new what i had to do, about 09:15 hrs giddyup and i headed for Red Bay, Al and i'm sitting typing this post and getting it on the web useing Tiffin free wi-fi. good single all over the campground.

well that about the way it is with paw and giddyup today.

Date:  6 Dec 2016
Temp: 52 at 14:46 hrs
Miles: 22822 Red Bay, Al

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