Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day two at Red Bay

Do anyone know were this picture was taken and what was their in the last century

Paw is waiting to see when he can get in and get his repairs done, someone should be around today
to talk with me and how long it will before i can get them fixed. The only thing that i'm worry about is that sky light in the bathroom i sure don't want no more water to get in their.

The Campground is all most full with people from all across the USA getting their bucket list taken care of before they head out to snowbird country for the winter, in late February and March it will be full again with people heading back to their home states.

I will try take some photos of the campground today so everyone can see how full it is. That the way it is for Paw and Giddyup sofar for today i may more to post later on.

Date: 7 Dec 2916
Temp: 44 at 05:47 hrs

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