Monday, January 2, 2017

Update on Paw

 It been quite a while since i have posted any thing about Giddyup and Paw, I got in the next  day and got everything taken care of. and i got home about 11;30 and got in the house and took me a good hot shower.

 Since then i have been moving back to my son house at Ecru, I've just about wore myself out moving all my personal things My Son In Law  and his Son In Law move all the house hole stuff. We got house clean up everything out of it so it's ready to be sold.

 Paw is still trying get over all that moving, When you get almost 81 years old you will fine that you can't do all things that you did when in the 20 and 30.

 Hope everyone had great Christmas and a good New Year. Take Care and God Bless

and that the way it is with Paw today.

Date; 2 Jan 2017

Temp; 63degs at 09:40hrs


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day six at Red BayYesterday

Yesterday I got a call and they said was to be at Bay 10 at 07:00hrs Monday morning to have my work done I sure hope they  get it fixed because I'm ready to get to the house.

I need a hot shower because they have had the water cut off for the past few day and I'm trying to
get by with what I have on board.

A man has to do what he needs to get by when he is in a tied fix.

well that the way it is with Paw this Sunday morning.

Dated: 11 Dec 2016
Temp: 31 degs at 03:29 hrs
Miles: 22822

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Paw Troubles

yesterday i had water problems Giddyup was winterize i came over here so yesterday i got out and hookup to the water and fill my fresh water tank then i took my water hose and store it. I thought that i was OK with my  water that i had enough water that i had enough in my tanks to last me a while. WRONG i thought that i had turn off all of the fausltles However the one in shower was crack open a little and all the water i had was on board was plumb into my grey holding tank.

About and hour later i found out that i didn't have any fresh water  and i got to checking everything
and found the one in the Bathroom open a crack. and it was still leaking a little bit. So i got my hose out of the bay and hook it up to water and fill my Holden tank with water again. i decided to stay hookup on city water for the night That was a Bad decision , I was cooking my supper and the lady next door come over and said  that i had water running all over the ground so i went to look and she told me that campground host had come around and unhook the what hose and  turn the water off because it was going to get below 32 degs tonight. I found out that check value that let the water going in the motorhome was bad and it wouldn't let off and it let all water run out on the ground.

Well on 3th  day at Tiffin Campground i'm going to Waite until it warms up some and i'm going to try the water again. And that the way it is with paw today.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Update on day two at Red Bay

Just a short post to let you all know whats happen i will be able to get in the repair shop either

Friday or Monday. i'm betting it will be Monday.

Day two at Red Bay

Do anyone know were this picture was taken and what was their in the last century

Paw is waiting to see when he can get in and get his repairs done, someone should be around today
to talk with me and how long it will before i can get them fixed. The only thing that i'm worry about is that sky light in the bathroom i sure don't want no more water to get in their.

The Campground is all most full with people from all across the USA getting their bucket list taken care of before they head out to snowbird country for the winter, in late February and March it will be full again with people heading back to their home states.

I will try take some photos of the campground today so everyone can see how full it is. That the way it is for Paw and Giddyup sofar for today i may more to post later on.

Date: 7 Dec 2916
Temp: 44 at 05:47 hrs

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Paw and Giddyup

Well it's bin a few days since i have posted anything, the reason for that is that have bein moving and have not had any internet for last week or so.

I went out to spend the night in the motorhome i was busy all afternoon  putting away all the stuff that i had brought from the old house.i was getting ready for bed and it has been raining all day i like to sleep out their and hear the rain drops hitting the room it put you right to sleep.

while i was in the bathroom i looking around at everything and i notice that i had a crack in my sky light over my shower stall. water was coming in  and staining my roof in the bathroom. after that i didn't n sleep too good worrying about that leak. well this morning i got up had my coffee i can't forget that coffee. w3hle i was enjoying a hot cup of joe. i new what i had to do, about 09:15 hrs giddyup and i headed for Red Bay, Al and i'm sitting typing this post and getting it on the web useing Tiffin free wi-fi. good single all over the campground.

well that about the way it is with paw and giddyup today.

Date:  6 Dec 2016
Temp: 52 at 14:46 hrs
Miles: 22822 Red Bay, Al

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I  want to tell you paw has I been MOVING from his house in tupelo, ms to his house at ecru, ms  poor old paw is worn out from packing up stuff. i just don't see how one old man can accumulate so much material things in just three short years. i shore glad i don't that i don't have take all that junk with me when i died. if i did they would need about half of the cemetery to bury me in.

I want you To know that it was cold this morning when i fire up old blackie to go my house in Tupelo, it was 27 degs  when i left Ecru, paw don't like all this old weather,i generally make it thru christmas before i start want to see some  green ,green grass. it ain't even the 1st of december and i done mess around and caught a bad case of hitch itch and i still about three months to go before i can take off.

Paw said not to worry about it after  the holidays are over that we fudged a little bit and go down to the gulf of Ms. and visit with nash and betty for a week or so.i need to check and see if they have full hookup at the state parks..



DATE; 27 NOV 16
TEMP; 27 AT O5;50HRS
MILES; 22752

Friday, November 25, 2016

Paw and Giddyup

Travels with Paw

Friday Aberdeen Rv call and said that my motorhome was ready to go and the refiguration was freeze ice and ready to go.I took off  down there and got her home before noon. and i had couple of ice trays full of ice.

I  got my house at Tupelo, Ms up for sale  and i'm moving back  to my home at Ecru. I slept one nite in  giddyup and last night i my bedroom and bed were me and carolyn slept before she pass away i't been almost three yeays now i think i will be able to handle everything now and i will always love her and missed her so much. what i want to say ios that i didn't make arrangement for Coffee this morning. Well now we know that don't come alive until he get the first cup down. Boys i want to tell you that when you are 80 years old and you have lost your giddyup and i'ts done gone from you run out steam real quick. and that the way it is with Paw today.

Miles 22752
Temp 54 degs
25 Oct 16