Thursday, December 8, 2016

Paw Troubles

yesterday i had water problems Giddyup was winterize i came over here so yesterday i got out and hookup to the water and fill my fresh water tank then i took my water hose and store it. I thought that i was OK with my  water that i had enough water that i had enough in my tanks to last me a while. WRONG i thought that i had turn off all of the fausltles However the one in shower was crack open a little and all the water i had was on board was plumb into my grey holding tank.

About and hour later i found out that i didn't have any fresh water  and i got to checking everything
and found the one in the Bathroom open a crack. and it was still leaking a little bit. So i got my hose out of the bay and hook it up to water and fill my Holden tank with water again. i decided to stay hookup on city water for the night That was a Bad decision , I was cooking my supper and the lady next door come over and said  that i had water running all over the ground so i went to look and she told me that campground host had come around and unhook the what hose and  turn the water off because it was going to get below 32 degs tonight. I found out that check value that let the water going in the motorhome was bad and it wouldn't let off and it let all water run out on the ground.

Well on 3th  day at Tiffin Campground i'm going to Waite until it warms up some and i'm going to try the water again. And that the way it is with paw today.

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