Saturday, November 12, 2016

Redneck and Paw

                                                            DUTY FIRST

Well i had go and winterize mind and  Paw motorhome today. I took Paw with me so he could make sure that done everything right  Paw said that i was getting old and i couldn't remember half of what i need to do, I don' know why he is all ways saying that i'm the that has got old.. ha I'm not the one that got us on dead  end street when we went down to the gulf coast in Mississippi a few years ago.

I know right away that Paw done mess up bad.when  he turn into  this driveway to turn around and i told Paw that i need to get out so could watch and keep him from backing into the ditch on the other side of the road Paw said he had one them new backing camber on back of this thing and he told me to sit down over their and watch how it's done, I know right then that Paw was heading for big trouble and about that time he went into that ditch and front end went up i the air about 3ft and i headed for the door when i got outside and looked at my motorhome it was enough to make a man cry i though that i could hear Taps plating in the background I just snap to attention and presented arms.

He wants to talk about me getting old i tell you right here that Paw has passed over that hill three or four time all ready,

Tell me that i'm old and going to take my driving licenses away from me and my keys. That reminds me that i had better get me a set made were i can hind that someplace. Some night he gets to sleeping and snoring so loud that you can hear him all the way from Ecru to Pontotoc
.about one or two clock in morning i slip up their and get blackie hookup to getty up and take off i can be close to Huston, TX before he wakes up. That will show him who the young man around here.

That about the way it is with the old redneck today. I want to be off of this thind before Paw wakes up.

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