Friday, November 11, 2016

Paw Honoring our Veterans

To all our Veterans Duty First

Well it's `been 98 years since  WW1 ended, To end all Wars, They sure have not learned anything over passed 98 years how they?

I hope President Trump bring all our troops home let them people fight their on battles over their..

It' sure is cold for Paw and me this morning in North Mississippi 39 degs man that is cold  for this old redneck I told Paw that he need to get the heat going so i could warm up little bit; You know what Paw told me he said when he was in the USA Army that some yankee ask him what a little bit ment. Paw said he like to swallow his chewing  of tobacco he though everybody knew what a little bit ment.

Do you know? I don't know either. well i thought that Paw would get round to telling me what it ment one of these day.

I need to fine mind and Paw starts and strips flag were i can post it when ever i need to."Ever Day"

Maybe it's out in barn in the corn crib, I shore hope Paw ain't let rats eat holes all in my flag them things cost a lot of money. And it don't grow on trees around here, i can tell you that Paw.

You know what old Ben sayed save them coppers then someday you will have a little money when you need to pay our taxes.

You know that Paw and me  keep checking with CNN and we have not seen anyone in a rushing to leave this USA for other parts of the world.

I Paw said he  shore thought that he had hear a that lot of people say that they going to leave the country if Trump was elected. Paw said that he  didn't want to miss them leaving cause he shore want wish them Good BY.

Well i guess Paw and i have cause enough mischief for one day, So me and Paw will log off for now.

Take Care and God Bless

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