Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Paw on the election putting in his two cents worth.

                                                 :Paw two cent worth on the 2016 President election

Well the sun did come up this morning,even those a lot of people didn't think it would if Trump was elected to be the our next President.

I don't see anything on CNN today about all those people that was that was going to be rushing leave this country today if Trump was elected.  I was hoping get to wish those People Good BY and the best of luck in their New Country, You all come back and see us sometime. you hear!!

Well that how it is most time when some people set up to make a big brag.

That way it is for Paw on Coggins Fiel Rd today. I think they should have left the road name as it was

COTTON FIELD ROAD now don't you think that would be very amiable sounding name for a road.

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