Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Paw and Giddyup

Well i had to have me a cup coffee to get going today, I hope everyone has got them a hot cup Coffee and sitting back and let world go by.

I have got to take Giddyup in the morning to the RV fixed up place and have her work on. The refrigerator check out we had power surge a couple weeks ago and it want work anymore. I sure hope i don't have to buy a new one. Paw said them refrigerator have got bad high, don't that beat all it's shore will mess my camping money up look out Wal Mart here i come.

It' a nice cool day here in North Mississippi this morning going to be in low 60s and 70s today. I hope to get go camping next however it all depend on how we come out tomorrow.

I have got call VA at 09;30hrs this morning they are going to get me some new hearing aids i sure do need them i can't hear it Thumber anymore. And that the way it is with Paw today. Take Care and God Bless

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