Friday, November 25, 2016

Paw and Giddyup

Travels with Paw

Friday Aberdeen Rv call and said that my motorhome was ready to go and the refiguration was freeze ice and ready to go.I took off  down there and got her home before noon. and i had couple of ice trays full of ice.

I  got my house at Tupelo, Ms up for sale  and i'm moving back  to my home at Ecru. I slept one nite in  giddyup and last night i my bedroom and bed were me and carolyn slept before she pass away i't been almost three yeays now i think i will be able to handle everything now and i will always love her and missed her so much. what i want to say ios that i didn't make arrangement for Coffee this morning. Well now we know that don't come alive until he get the first cup down. Boys i want to tell you that when you are 80 years old and you have lost your giddyup and i'ts done gone from you run out steam real quick. and that the way it is with Paw today.

Miles 22752
Temp 54 degs
25 Oct 16

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