Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I talk with the service manager at Aberdeen RV and said they were installing my new Refrigerator and he would let it cool down over night and me a call tomorrow and let know if i can come and pick her up. I sure need to get her to house were i can start loading her up. I'm about ready to hit the road again. I have bad case of the Hitch Itch and only cure is a good long camping trip.

I like to sit around a nice camp fire on a cool day and meditate on life  and how Paw life  has turn out 
over his life time. He has  been a traveling man ever  since i broth my dad mules out the field on 4 May 1955 because i new that i was going into the Army the next day that started a adventure that is still going on today I'v been in five different country on my travel thru this world and i thank my lord for ever minute of it, Just wish that i could do it again. That the way it is with Paw today. I will post more when i get Giddyup home Take Care and God Bless

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