Friday, March 9, 2012

Trace St Pk

We came out the 7 March, my computer has been in the shop to have a new screen install on it, i have  just got it back yesterday. Was going to update this Blog last night However we had a bad thunder Storm to come Thur here and i shut ever thing down. It sure is good to be Camping again.I hope to get some photos of the wildlife out here and be able to post some photos. Maw is doing good for the time being i hope for her to get well.

9 March 2012
Temp 43degs at 06:04hrs
Miles 19434

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Miss Lazee said...

Hi Gerald and Carolyn - just now getting caught up on reading blogs and enjoyed your posts about your travels - and the great photos. The Natchez Trace is one of the best roads to travel in this country.

Hope Maw is doing well.

Take care and Thanks for being one of my followers.