Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Since we got home from Trace St Pk on the 15 March i have been working on giddyup to get her ready for the Camping season this year. I change the Oil in the generator and the filters, Lube the slide outs and the seals, on the inside i use  Panel Magic on the cabinet and all of the wood work.fix a spot on the sink in the bath room that has been a problem for a year or so, i clean the tile on the floor and mop it  real good, Vacuum the carpet.  So we are ready to go to Red Bay, Al Monday. I have a bucket list that i need to have taken care of when we get  over their i won't go into it today. will Waite and see how everything goes. Maw is doing just fine at this time  and that the way it is with Maw and Paw today. Why not come along with us on our way to Red Bay, Al

31March 2012
Temp 60 at 04:51hrs
Miles 19451

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Miss Lazee said...

Good to hear that Maw is doing fine. You sure have been busy getting things ready for your travels to Red Bay. We will be following along with you.

Take Care and Make it a Great Day!

Sharon and Ron - The Princess and The Cowboy