Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On our way to Red Bay,Al

These two photos are after the repairs were made on the bumper.

This is what i had repaired on the bumper

We left the house at 07;15hrs on our way to Red Bay, before we got to Tupelo Carolyn said she had forgot her pruse, we stop at the visitor center on the trace at Tupelo and i call our son Mark and tole him to bring his mother pruse to us at the visitor center on the Trace we had to Waite about 30 Min's for him to get over their with it and we had a good trip the rest of the way over to Red Bay. We got their about 10:30 and Bruce said he would get the motor home right in and start to work on the bumper that we had damage back in Feb. We had to stray the night inside the paint shop Monday night and he finish up Tuesday morning and we took giddyup down to the RV service center and had the tail lights check out and their found a short in the left tail light and fix it, my sky lite in the bathroom had a long crack in it and it had to Be replace i had a day and night shade that had to be restrain. and i had a new radio antenna replace. All of this had to be replace because of our trip to Gulf Shores campground in long Beach, Ms when i got on the dead  end streets and got in the ditch while i was trying to turn around. I DON"T TRUST THAT GPS ANYMORE.

4 April 2012
Temp 60 degs at 06:45 hrs
Miles 19523

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