Sunday, February 12, 2012


Maw she stayers cold all the time and she wants to sleep a lot we have been marry over 50 years. It sure will be hard if i lose her.

We got home from our trip to the Gulf Coast and Trace St Pk at about 09:30hrs on the 6 Feb 12. I have been real busy since i got home and i haven't  had time to up date this blog. Busy doing what? nothing at all but it's a hard job trying to stay busy. Maw was  sure glad to get to the house to see her babies one is 50 years old and the baby is 42 years old but to her they are still her babies. Her  Alzheimer is getting worst i think she starting to ask me who i am. and how we met.  It sure is sad to see her like this.

12 Feb 2012
Temp 22 at 06:08hrs
Miles 19415

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