Friday, February 3, 2012

29 Jan thur 1 Feb 12

29 Jan 12

I will try to catch up this morning on my posting. We left Davis Bayou at 08:00hrs Sun morning and we had a nice trip back up to Twiltley COE Campground at Collinsville, Ms ever thing went real smooth  after i shut my GPS down. I learned to not trust that GPS, i sure wish i had not use going down to the Gulf from now i will use my paper maps. we spent the night of the 29 Jan at Twiltley Campground.
These two photos  i took of Davis Bayou Campground before we left on our way back North.

These are at a rest are on I 59 on Sunday  it sure was a pretty day, all of God days are pretty to me i love everone that he gives to me. Stop to take a walk and check giddyup and blackie out.

30 Jan 12

These photos were taken at Twiltley Campground we stay the night of 25 Jan her on our way down to Davis Bayou this is just about half way from the house and the Gulf. I'm glad i found this Campground they sure have a big lake here i mbet their is so good fishing here. This  is a real nice COE Campground.                                                

1 Feb 12  These are the Photos that i took on the way up  the Trace.

We got to Trace St Pk about 12:30hrs and we got hookup and i sure was tired, I had to have me a Nap as i get older Nap time is getting to be one of the best highlights of my day.

1 Feb 12

Well here we are in Feb already this year is rolling right along.I got some letters to mail today and that
will be about all we do the this morning Maw said the we had to clean up giddyup to since it is raining and we can not do anything outside i hope i can get in a walk sometime today. That  the way it is today with Maw and Paw

1 Feb 2012
Temp 61degs at 04:17hrs
Miles 19378

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