Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I got up this morning and I was surprises when I check the time it was 04:15hrs I have not slept that long since Carolyn started getting real bad.  My old back is still hurting me this morning. However I went and  had breakfasts  of corn flaks and coffee I had me a shower and in prossee of putting o clean trousers and shirt and when  I was getting everything out the pockets of the dirty trousers I found out that  I had miss place my two sets of keys one for the camper and one for the Jeep. And I thought what will I do now?  After about and hour I gave up the searching I and finally Call my son and he came down to the campground and he starting too for then about 10 minuses  later he handed me the keys for the Motorhome he found in a box were I keep all my extra fuses. About 5 minuses later he found my keys for the Jeep. I want to tell everyone in their 50s and 60s and if you all are RVs you better enjoy your travels while you can. when you start getting in you 70s you start having health problems and it take you longer to do things like typing this message I have been typing here for a hour, I should have type it in 15 minuses. Well that is the it is with Paw today.

Date 11 Feb 2015
Temp; in 60s at 23:00hrs
Miles 22050

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