Saturday, January 28, 2012


This post will cover the days from 25 Jan Thur the 28 JAN

We left the house 08:30hrd 25 Jan the drive to Twiltely Campground outside of Collinsville, Ms went just fine.  we got a pull Thur for the night and i didn't have to unhook the Jeep and the next morning the 26 Jan  i sure was glad i had a pull Thur because it was raining and it rain on us all the way to Hattiesbrug, Ms I was using my 2011 streets & tips; Trips on the way down i notice that lulu (name for my GPS) was trying to get us to go one way when i new that the bypass was the best route, I should have been warned that all was not Quite right with lulu. We were heading for The Davis Bayou Campground at Long Beach, Ms i was following the GPS trail that lulu was direction on the map. BIG,Big mistake I end up in some mans front yard on a dead end street. Then the fun really started i got out to unhook my jeep and the battery had run down so that it would not shift out of neutral i had to get my Battery charger out hook it up and charge the battery took about and hour while i was sitting in the middle of their driveway blocking in and out trafficked.  I really felt like a fool that i am. I got turned around and headed back to the main HWY got down their and lulu was showing the Campground right down the road a couple miles  i turn right and headed around a carve and on down the road had to take other right and just a little piece another dead end street Carolyn  was behing me in the Jeep  so i thought i will pull in to to this driveway and back  out and we could figure out were we need to go Because i know that lulu didn't know nothing and i shut her down.  The road was pretty narrow and when i back out i back into the ditch on the other side. I was sitting their wonder what i should do  now I will see if i can fine a Towtruck and get pull out That when some more FUN began i hap lost my telephone some between Collinsville,Ms and here. I was sitting their my head my hands wondering what this old man should do now. i walk down to the house that ditch belong too and ring the door bell a lady came to the door and i told her that had lost my telephone a ask her if she could call a tow truck to get me out her ditch and she said yes, It took the Tow track about and hour to get their to pull out it didn't take him about 20 minutes to have me out on the road and on my way again i ask the driver of the tow truck were Davis Bayou Campground was at he tole me that i had missed it by 20 miles, he also told me how to get their.I like go back to the house were i got stuck and tell you about the nice people that live their she went out her way to help and I tole her that I wanted to pay for the damages to her yard she her husband and i talk to him  trying to get him to take some money for the damages However he would not take anything and for us to have a safe day, everyone was real nice to this old Redneck. we got to Davis Bayou and got set up about 15:30hrs 26Jan. Boy was i ever tired.
27 Jan 12 All we did today was to go to Wal-mark and got some bread and i stop at the AT&T store and cancel out my Telephone and i got a new phone with my same number, so ever thing turn out real good God has Bless us this day. The rest of yesterday we just rested and got a few chores done.And that the way it is with Maw and Paw today.

28 JAN 2012
Temp 60deg at 07:00hrs
Miles 19031

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