Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Oh boy we are finally on the road. Yesterday turn out to be a Vere good day. I had to make a trip  to New Albany to the bank and pickup my laundry and i got back to the house and fire up  giddyup,push store on my jacks then Dumb Gerald took over as i went to run the bedroom slide in and it wouldn't move . Old dumb Gerald started to check fuze's to see if any were blow, fuze's look good then i reset  all the breakers. and try it again no luck it wouldn't move. I sit down on the bed and said to myself what are you going to do now dummy?? I was setting their thinking that i was not be able to go Camping, boy shore hurt Vere disappointed, then it dong on the old duddy that i had the engine was running i went turn the key off and put in my pocket went back and push on the bedroom slide button and it went out just like a new one.HA HA Happy me, I'm going Camping now.

We stop at Pontotoc and got 13.4gal of propane at $3.99 a gal. Boy i tell you these people shore are hard on us old folks trying to have a little fun. Well we out to Trace St Pk at 11:00hrs and i got everything hook up, i was proud of my self  because the old dummy had not mess anything up.
I got in the RV and relaxed and i tell you Right here this old boy was as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. And that is way it is with Maw and Paw on this Cold 26degs morning.

4 Jan 2012
Temp 26 at 05:59hrs
Miles  18642

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