Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gas Prices

                                   Easy Riders Paw and Maw

Well the gas prices have got so high that we may have get us a motorcycle with a side car Maw said she would want a top on the side car with  air conditioning in it. I don't think you can get a top for the side car can you?  If it ain't one thing it always something else. I shore look like it's getting hard to get off Camping anymore. Maw want to know were we would stay i said a Tent, a Tent are you crazy old man,  I'm not sleep on the ground anymore if you was to lay down i would never be ale to help you up off the ground and you couldn't get by your self. Well it looks like it's just one thing or the other, I wish i had stay Young. Dadburn oil company are sure hard on and old man.

21 Jan 2012
Temp 64 at 05:27hrs
Miles 18676

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