Monday, September 5, 2011

Deleted Camping Trip

Well my plan for a camping trip for this week is off, Maw is not able to make it and i can not go off and leave her at home by her self. I know i made my brag last  week of letting her stay home, However we calibrated our 50 wedding anniversary  this past Friday and i have always taken her with me were ever i have gone. Except  when i went to Vet Nam. I  don't know how much camping we are going to get to do over the next few years it seem like Maw Alzheimer is getting worst i was hoping that we would have few more years to camp, but if that not to be we will just take it one day at time, and thank God for each and ever day that we have left.

5 Sep 2011
Temp 66 at 06:38hrs
Miles 18577

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