Monday, August 29, 2011

I got me a Camping trip plan for next week

I am going get out of this house the 5 Sep and go Camping, Maw can go or stay at home i don't care, I bet when Paw drives out of the driveway that Maw will be sitting over their in her set. We sure have travel a lot of roads together in the last fifty years. and it don't seem to be that long ago. I gave my old lawnmower to my Soninlaw, he like to work on thing and he will it running just in a few days. Well here it is 04:30 hrs and i have been up ever since 02:00hrs that another thing you young people got to look forward too, when you are working and have to get up and go to work you wish you could sleep a couple more hours. However when you get Old and retired if you sleep 5 or 6 hours you are doing great. It don't seem fair dose it. Well that the way it is with Paw and Maw today.

29 Aug 2011
Temp 70 04:35hrs
Miles 18557


Dizzy-Dick said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I, too, have an RV and pull a Jeep as our "toad". I have been in 31 of the lower 48 states. It seems that after I tried to retire, I had too many important projects to get done that I had left go over the years. Want to hit the road again, soon.

Carolyn and Gerald said...

Hi Dizzy

i have been following you for quite sometime, keeping up with your travels, Carolyn health will not permint us to travel any now so we are stuck here in the brick and stick house for the winter at lest. Hope to able to camp some next year.