Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy Week

We sure have had a busy week Maw had three doctors this week and one next Wednesday and i hope she is Thur with them for a few months. It seem like when you get old all that you can do is go to the doctors and drug store.  I hope we can do some Camping in September, when it cools off some. We have had a busy Summer just sitting here and trying to stay cool. Last week my lawnmore bit the dust and quite on me after 15 years, i went to the lawnmore store in New Albany to get me a new belt for it and i got to looking at the new Cub Cadet w/25hp and next thing  i knew i had done bought it  and they said they could deliver it in about 30 Min's. So now i have a new lawnmore and it should last me for life. It really mows good throw grass ever were.It looks like we have more rain on the way.

21 Aug 2011
Temp 74 at 04:06 hrs
Miles 18557

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Bill said...

Busy helps you enjoy the peaceful times outdoors even more...:)