Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paw and Maw day

Well maw work me up early this morning complaining about her been cold, i got up turn the furnace on and check temp and it was 38deg and here it is the middle of April and it is still cold. Well i don't have any Cotton in the field to worry about thanks to our lord. My old knees are sure hurting this and we have got to run to the house in about and hour and get ready to go to Church. I believe it will get into the high 70s today sure be glad when it warms up a tad. It was windy here yesterday all day and quite cool in the 55s range. well guess i will get around and get clean up and cloths on. We will stop by Hardee's and get sausage and biscuit's for breakfast on the way to the house and that the way it is with Paw and maw today.

17 April 2011
Temp 37 at 05:18hrs
Miles 18225

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