Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paw and Maw are at Trace St PK

Well we got here about 09:00hrs 13 April and they was some one our site, so we pull off on the side and level up and read the new paper and watch the people pass buy in about 30 min the guy from Canada pull out of our site and we back in and got everything hook up and was going to run the sides out However the front slide had to throw a fit and it would go when i got up this morning i try-ed it and it went right out. It just like to miss behaved ever once in awhile. When we leave here on the 26 April I'm taking her to Red Bay and have her slide fixed I'm tired of her miss behaving on me, i mite get mad and have maw to give her a spanking. ha well we went to wally world this morning and pickup a 52 dollars worth of junk,about three sack full. we use to make a crop on 50 dollars of course that was 60 years ago then gas was 25 or 26 cents a gal.we got back to MH and i figurer that i would sit under my awing and read the new paper that we pick up. That was not to be!! Maw had other plans for me when she told what i had to do i just about kick out of the traces. Dadbrun woman is all ways coming up with something to spoiled a man easy time. after i got all my chores done i was wore slap dap out and i had to have me a nap. It just me tare me out just remembering all of this.

14 April 2011
Temp 79 deg at 15:35hrs
Miles 18225

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