Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's been awhile

Well I have been off for about two months. however I bout me a pontoon boat in march and I stared camping and I want to do some fishing this year, The day that went pick up my new pontoon boat, we had a snow and ice on the roads I made it 0k and got to Davis lake FS campground and the weather was so bad that I could not launch it. I had to  whit  for a couple day. and I had to break in the new motor for three hours, it was so cold that I didn't get but one hour in. son-in-law came down that Sat and he did one hour then it start to rain and it rain for about week. it filially quite raining and warm up some, so I took it out and finish the break in on it and I fish about an hour. Come back to dock at my camp site and I was getting out of it and fell  and broke my foot that was on Thursday  about 10:30 am and I thought that I spring it , Next morning when I got up it was swollen  and it had a few blister on my foot. I call and told my daughter that I had feel and could they could come down Saturday and held me get everything home she call me back and said they well on the way. wend we got my son house and I got the motorhome hook up and they m show up wit the pontoon and my truck. after they got in park I told them that's for their help. I said that I think I will go on to my house, Tracy  say that they were going to take me down there and I should ride with my son-in-law and she would drive my truck. When we to my house I sit down by the table Tracy said for me to take off my shoe and when she saw it she had a fit. Next this I know I was in the hospital were I stay 5 or 6 days. Doctor Pillows orated on it one day and day and  I came to my son house that were  I'm at now. with a cast on went back this pass Wednesday he put me in a walking booth However he don't want me walking to much, so I will go back to him 13 May and hopefully I can go to my house, it's been about two months since I have been their. And that the way it is with this old man today.

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