Friday, February 6, 2015


Good Morning everyone I'm back again. This sure has been a long Winter for me, I'm getting were I can not take the cold like I use too, my old bones just crackly and pop whenever I move around. it's 22 degs here this morning I don't know why it is taking so long for Spring to get here, ha-ha I was always rushing Spring I remember when I was a lad that I couldn't Waite to go barefooted I want to get them clodhopper off of my feet were I could run and play. Now I just want it to get warm up some so I can take my MH out to Trace St Pk and see if I can Camp some this year. I'm just about tired of this house and I would like to start fishing again and getting in a little walking also I sure need to lose some Waite. and that is how it is with Paw today.

6 Feb 2015
Temp. 22
miles ??

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