Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Up date

Carolyn my wife of 52 years and 6 months and one day Passed away on 3 March 2014. When I last updated this blog last fall  I had hope that she would live a few more years, However our Lord in his wisdom took her in March she really had a bad time the last few months that she live with that ALZHEIMER'S disease that she had. It was tough wanting to help her and you know  their isn't anything any one can do for her. I was so sick of heart last fall that I thought that I would never post on this blog again. They say that time heals all wounds However Carolyn has left a wound on my heart that time can never heal I will go to my grave loving her. At the present time I am getting over a bad cold and waiting for it to warm up some so I can get to camping again. I know Carolyn would want to keep busy. Maw has gone on before me however Paw will be along in a little bit. And that the way it is Paw today.

2 April 2014
temp 60 degs
miles 21788

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