Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update on Maw and Paw

24 Sep 13

It's been quite a while since I have updated this travel journal. I will try and let you know what has happen since back in April,  As you all know maw  has Alzheimer's disease and in April she got to wanting for me to take her home to Illinois so we made the trip up in the motor home and I enjoyed the trip, after we got to the Campground that Thursday  she was tired and wanted to wait untie the next day to go and see her sister and drive around Aurora and see were she live when we got Married on 2 Sep 1961. One of her niece's had a cook out for her that weekend and she got to see a lot of her family However she didn't know or understand what it was all about. We came back to Mississippi  on Sunday. She was glad to get back home in Mississippi.

I will have to take a break here I will try to write more tomorrow.

28 Sep 13

It looks like I may have to stop  here, I don't fell like trying to think what all has happen since late spring.  We stay home most of the Summer we did get off Camping one time back in latter part of July.  I thought we were having a good Camp out However; she got wanting to go home one night and I told I would take her the next day. we went to bed and I was  sleeping good when someone work me up about 5Am, It was a Sheriff Deputy and he want to know my name I told him, and he said that he had my wife out their in his car Someone had found her wandering down around the  lake lost and didn't know where she was or where I was at. so they call 911 and the Deputy talk to her  and found out where we were camp and brought her to the camper. That took care of Slowpoke and my Camping for the rest of the Summer. We knew then that we were going to have to made some arraignment for her somewhere, we had put it off for as long as we could. when they found her she only had one shoe on and her nightgown.

I will take a break here and I will try to finish it up in  the next few days.

23 Oct 13

Well as you can see that it has been almost a month since I last posted anything. In the latter days
of  August I finally face up to the fact that we really needed to get her more help than I could give to her.

On 21 Sep 13 we admitted her to  Magnolia Manor assisted living home in Tupelo, MS  We thought at the time that we were making the right decision  for her, However; it didn't turn out that way, for on the morning of 27 Sep 13 six days after she was admitted their that they were dismissing her for aggressive behavior." at this time I would like to address that word Aggressive, If a couple of people that you do not know and they took you a bath room and order you to undress and you refuse that can be call aggressive behavior so I think that one has to take into contend  what happen." Therefore; I received  a call  on the morning of 27 Sep 13 That I should come over their and pick her up and Transfer her North Mississippi Mental Health Unite for diagnosis.  She was their from 27 Sep 13
until the 16 Oct 13 I am going take another break here for a few days before I can finish this up.

19 Nov 13

So much has happen since my last post they had Maw in the Trace Pathway Hospital at Houston, Ms. for above 12 days and I went down and got her and brought her home, That last for ten days and I found out that I could not mange her at home they had her so much differ Med that was hard for me to be sure I gave her the right pills at the right time of day, she would not eat what I fixe3d for her and didn't know what to do about it. So I put her back in the Nursing home at Ripley, Ms. and that were she is today.

That finish up this post, and that the way it is with Maw and Paw today

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