Friday, March 29, 2013


I took our motorhome to the garaged 27 March and had new sparkplug, sparkplugs wires, and a new fuel filter installed on it. I took the long way home to see how it would run, boy she sure gets up and go now like she did ten years ago when she was new. I needed to stop and get me a tank of propane and when i left their i headed to our local campground. i had been wanting to go camping for the last two months. It sure is nice  to be camping again it has been a long winter. i sure have been sleeping good while we are camping a lot better then when we are at the house. It was sunny yesterday and quite warm, However i sure do like this Spring weather.Today it was nice this morning and it started to cloud up  this afternoon looks like we are going get some rain to night and the nights we are down in the 50's at night and days in the 70's my king of weather. Carolyn is not doing all that good i think she  maybe getting worst, i hope not , please keep her in yours prays.  And that the way it is with Maw and Paw today.

29 March 2013
Temp 54 at 05:09hrs
Miles 19973

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