Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's been awhile since i posted anything on this blog, I don't know what to tell everyone? However here is what been happen since  my last post Maw Alzheimer is getting a lot worst and we have not been camping since September. I hope to get of camping sometime in January 2013. I got me some New spark plugs,spark plug wires, and a fuel filter for Christmas and I'm going to get then installed on giddyup in a week or so. Then i will have to go somewere so i can try her out.

 I think it would do both of us good  to get out of the house for a week or two. It's been cold here the last few nights and I'm about ready for Spring, how about y'all??

Well that the way it is with Maw and Paw today.

PS i forgot to mention that we may go down on the cost and see if we could
fine Betty and Chelse Nash of and camp with them a few  days.

22 Dec 2012
Temp; 30 deg at 04:40hrs
Miles; 19881

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