Saturday, August 25, 2012


I haven't post anything in the last couple of months, so i thought i would Bing this Post up to date today.It's raining and it's 73 deg at 08:48hrs and I'm sitting here want to get off camping before long. Maw is not getting any better i fill so sorry for her she having trouble with her speech it's get hard for to put her words to sentences were you can understand her, and she is afraid of going anywhere. so i don't know if i will be able to get off camping anytime soon or not sure hope to. I would like to go down to Grenada,Ms for about a week or two and fish the spillway catch me up bush of Gars.Really i would be fishing for Catfish but my Friend that die a few years ago we use to fish down their and all we ever caught was gars, but we  all ways had a good time build us up a nice camp fire and sit their tell lies until one of them gars got on our line then we run out to our fish holler and real him in, I can not understand why we never caught any catfish we were using rooster livers and two spark plugs. well that enough of talking about the good old days. However; it good to recall them on a rainy day. youall take care and GOD Bless.

25 August 2012
Temp 73 at 08:43hrs
Miles. 19755

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