Friday, November 11, 2011

30 deg and falling

It is cold in North Mississippi this morning, Brrrrrr, We need to go down on the cost until spring. However with Holidays coming up it will be after the New Year before we can get off. Sure hope that we can go down then. I have got to take  Giddyup to the doctor next week and see what is wrong  with her right rear dual, it has oil or something leaking out of it. I have got to take care of her and have it fix.i still got a lot of camping i want  to do before my time is up and i made my last PCS. We spent the night in Giddyup last night Maw  complain about been cold however i made it just fine. Maw is doing Ok right now i can not tell if she is any worst. Hopefully she will hold her on for a few years and we can get on with our camping. And that is the way it is with Maw and Paw today.

11 Nov 2011
Temp 30 at 04:37hrs
Miles 18573

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