Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trace St Pk

They work on my front siled and replace the switch on it, Thought that i had ever thing fixed when i left Red Bay, Remember i had the jacks work on a few weeks before i thought i was ready for a summer of travels and camping, No way my problems was just starting, we left Red Bay the 1 may 11 on our way to Davis Lake in Mississippi when we got to Davis Lake the prower was out and trees were blow down on some of the sites so we went on to the house, Couple of days later i back my MH off of the pad so i clean the windshield and do some waxing on her the jacks work fine However when i put her back on her pad and started to let the jacks down they would not work so i figure i would have to have the work on again, In the mean time i had call and make a reservation for two weeks at Trace State Park from 9-23 of May well we got out here and back in and the Jacks wouldn't work level up with boards and hook up Elect. went to let the slides outs, out and the front one would not go out the bed room work just fine, by now I'm getting a bit discussed so i call Sherman RV and talk to Ben and a appointment for the 23 may hopefully they can get ever thing fixed because I'm tired of making the trip to Red Bay ever week.and that the way it is with Maw and Paw today.

11 May 2011
Temp 68 at 5:40hrs
miles 18465

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