Friday, March 11, 2011

Home again

We had a nice camping trip and for a few days the weather was great i had my awing out and i work around the MH and sit under the awing and watch the people go by, Then the weather change and old man winter came back for a good blow and we decided to come home, Carolyn said she was cold and could not get warm. We got home about 9:30 Monday morning and she sure was glad to be home. I have been busy going to the dentist and VA to the doctor their for my six month check up. We will be home until it warms up some i went by Davis Lake and they did not have an opening date post for the Campground so i guess it will be around the first of April before they open up i would like to get down their and do some fishing before it get to hot to stay out side for long.

11 March 2011
temp 32 at 04:22hrs
miles 18164

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