Friday, January 29, 2010

The Day They Tore Down The Old Country Store

I was sad as i look on the tearing down of the Old Country store, At the crossroads it had stood as long as i could remember, just a building made of wood and it was almost covered by the advertising signs, they sold groceries and gasoline and candy,soda pop and ice cream and as a Young lad we could take our nickels and dimes and buy a RC and Moon Pie and play checker while we wile away the hot summer days,were we new everone by their first names and all were Friends. I still missed the Old Country Store when ever i go to a crowed supermarket and can not call anyone by their first name.The shopping centers and the malls have led to it down fall. Oh i would like to go back one more time were we new everone by their first names at the old country store.

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