Monday, January 2, 2017

Update on Paw

 It been quite a while since i have posted any thing about Giddyup and Paw, I got in the next  day and got everything taken care of. and i got home about 11;30 and got in the house and took me a good hot shower.

 Since then i have been moving back to my son house at Ecru, I've just about wore myself out moving all my personal things My Son In Law  and his Son In Law move all the house hole stuff. We got house clean up everything out of it so it's ready to be sold.

 Paw is still trying get over all that moving, When you get almost 81 years old you will fine that you can't do all things that you did when in the 20 and 30.

 Hope everyone had great Christmas and a good New Year. Take Care and God Bless

and that the way it is with Paw today.

Date; 2 Jan 2017

Temp; 63degs at 09:40hrs


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